5 Cool Bedroom Tiling Tips!

What is the room whereby you will spent the most time in it? Well, that is your bedroom! Let’s look at the 5 cool bedroom tiling tips below.

#1 Slip Resistance of Your Bedroom Tiles

Though the requirement for slip resistance may not be that much for bedroom as compared to kitchen or bathroom. It is still necessary to have bedroom tiles that are slip resistant. Especially you entered the bedroom from the bathroom with wet feet.

#2 Cooling Effect of Your Wall Tiles

Tiles materials especially glass tiles add a cooling effect in your room. Therefore, even without the aircon, you can still feel cool. Hence, this is highly suitable for eco green projects.

#3 Stability of Your Flooring Tiles

Better stability of your floor tiles ensure durability and a long lasting effect. For that to happen, your tiler needs to apply Tiling Enveloped Levelling Fulcrum (TELF) on the flooring during installation.

#4 Comfort

Choose high quality tiles to ensure better comfort in your feet. Some tiles have better texture that are good to feel when touched.

#5 Look and Feel Of Your Bedroom Tiles

Well, since you will be spending the bulk of your time in the bedroom, you jolly well invest in good looking bedroom tiles. Different color of tiles create different effect on your room interior. For master bedroom, you can consider a darker tone colour so as to improve the cosiness and romantic ambience of your home. If you wants your kids room to be lively and energetic, then select bright colours for your bedroom floor tiles and wall tiles.

In summary, take your time and find the best bedroom tile to suit your bedroom mood and ambience. Moreover, engage an experienced tiler for the work!