Find the Best Wall Tiles For Your Home

Wall tiles are commonly seen in homes. They can be found especially in the bathroom and kitchen for two reasons: enhancing the aesthetics look of your bathroom and kitchen; adds a cool effect to the room since they do not absorb heat.

Just like flooring tiles, there are different types of wall tiles materials. Let’s look at some of the ones that are used in Singapore homes today.

#1 Ceramic Wall Tiles

This is the most common you can find in most homes. They are normally quite simple looking though they can be very durable.

#2 Homogeneous Wall Tiles

Homogeneous or porcelain tile is a good material for bathroom tiles as it is less prone to moisture and better water resistant. Moreover, it is the most value for money option when it comes to wall tile.

#3 Stone Wall Tiles

Stone wall times like granite or marble gave your kitchen or bathroom a luxurious, solid and nature look. However, it can be quite expensive to install them.

#4 Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles are popular among young home owners who wish to make their kitchen or bathroom walls look cool and modern. Glass wall tiles that is made from recyclable glass materials can hence helps the home look nice while at the same time, give a little something to make the environment looks good.

#5 Vinyl, Resilient or Plastic Wall Tiles

With the advancement of technology, we are seeing wall tiles that use vinyl, resilient and plastic materials. As it is something new in the market, it is still difficult for us to see the durability of such wall tiles in the long run.

To end, we would like to emphasize that wall tiles help to enhance beauty of your room and also adds a cooling effect too. Hence, take your time to find a good tile for your wall and a good tiling contractor too!