Outdoor Tiling in Singapore

Looking for a perfect tile for your garden, rooftop, balcony and swimming pool? Tiles are good natural options for outdoor flooring and in terms of long term maintenance cost, they can be relatively lower than wooden decks.

Let’s look at the following characteristics of a good outdoor tile.

#1 Weather Resistant

The outdoor tile need to be very resistant against rain and UV rays. Therefore, it is important to get a durable and hard tile material for outdoor purposes. Poor quality plastic decking material may cause discolouring in the decks due to exposure of the sunlight, as compared to tiles. Therefore, you need to use durable tiling material for the outdoor.

#2 Ability to Withstand Heavy Walking Traffic

Especially for commercial outdoor tiling area, it is essential to install heavy duty tiles for the outdoor. This is because areas with high walk in traffic needs a strong base of tiling to support the consistent heavy weight.

#3 Slip Resistant

Another important characteristic of a good outdoor tile is its slip resistant properties. Invest a little bit more on tiles that were tested for high levels of slip resistance. Hence, it will ensure safety of your users on your outdoor tiles.

#4 Heat Resistant

Have you seen someone ‘dancing on plastic deck for pain’ after getting out of the outdoor swimming pool under the hot sun? This is probably outdoor building materials that have low heat resistant was used for building of the pool. Therefore, it is important to install good quality tiles that have high heat resistant properties.

#5 Waterproof

Tiles is the best materials for outdoor swimming pool due to its natural waterproof properties. Mosaic wall tiles can also be used in the swimming pools to enhance its aesthetic look and feel.

Select a Good Tiler for Your Outdoor Tiling Projects

Other than finding the best materials for your tiles, it is equally essential to find a good reliable tiler for your outdoor tiling installation. Find a good tiler that is experienced and responsible. Engage a tiling contractor company which can go the extra mile by investing in tile leveling technology such as the Tile Enveloped Leveling Fulcrum. This will assure better stability and durability of your outdoor tiling area.