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Tile Repair


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At Swift Tiler we understand that tiles may accidentally be damaged due to various factors. Tiles that have been damaged will affect the aesthetical value of a property and diminish the hefty investment that you have placed previously in your flooring. At times it will also pose a hazardous safety issue or inconvenience towards you or your loved one.

We at swift tiler are trained to rectify different type of damage to the flooring. We are able to provide you various solutions to your flooring issues, each solution catered to your needs and budget.

Listed below are the common kind of damage that Swift Tiler would be able to resolve and give professional recommendation on.

Dislodged/”POP” tiles

Poor workmanship, wear and tear and humidity condition are some of the reasons why tiles and cement become dislodged after an extended period of time. These damages cause significant eyesore to the home owners and pose a real safety hazard to your family and loved ones. Ministry of National Development (MND) said that HDB received about 2,000 cases of dislodged floor tiles a year.

At Swift Tiler we are well equipped to carry out such repair works with our team of professional tillers. Our team will first help to assess the damage to the current flooring and once we have ascertain the underlying reason for the tiles dislodgement we will then propose a solution to resolve the issue.

Waterproofing issue.

If you are facing waterproofing issue from your wet-areas such as roof, bathroom, balcony or ceiling. The previous waterproofing membranes and coating may have degraded and there would be a need to re-waterproof the area. But at times, the leak may come from a plumbing issue rather than a waterproofing issue, Our team of waterproofing specialist will conduct a detailed inspection and use the best possible waterproofing materials to solve your seepage issues.

Stained tiles/marble/granite

Are you moving into a new house and would like to rejuvenate the current flooring to its original condition? We have been providing quality professional polishing services for homes, apartments, offices. Every flooring is special and we take special care to make it shine. Using the latest technology in the market and special chemical, we can make every flooring shine and sparkle again.